PRosettaC is a computational protocol for the prediction of PROTAC-induced ternary complexes. It was benchmarked against ten available ternary complex crystal structures, and was able to predict six of them to atomic accuracy in one of the top three clusters.

The protocol receives as input, two protein structures (protein target and E3 ligase), including their appropriate ligands (binders), as well as the PROTAC chemical structure in a SMILES representation, and outputs predicted models for the ternary complex.

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For more information about the algorithm, you are also welcome to read the paper: Zaidman D, Prilusky J, London N. PRosettaC: Rosetta based modeling of PROTAC mediated ternary complexes. J Chem Inf Model. 2020 Sep 25. PubMed:32976709 doi: For any help regarding the server, feel free contacting us using the following email addresses.
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